Coconut Milk

This was really a simple task. But we put it off for a long time, mainly because it was our first time ever to work with a coconut.


We just used a type of icepick to poke through the shell of the coconut.


Then you just drain the yummy coconut water. It’s super healthy and refreshing. I added some to our morning juice.



Breaking it in half was comical. Wesley just kinda slammed a hammer up against the middle line until… CRACK.


The hardest part was separating the meat from the inner shell. What a chore! This coconut was only 87 cents so I debated even finishing it. But Wesley was determined.

After we got the meat out and scraped off the last bits of shell, our hands were left soft and smooth from the natural oils.

For one coconut add 2 cups of filtered water. Blend in your blender until the milk is slightly warm.


Then squeeze the milk through a cheesecloth or a nut milk bag.


Store your milk in a jar in the fridge. We plan on making hot cocoa with this tonight. It smells like an island. Which of course led us to discuss how we would live off coconuts if ever stranded on an island, which led us to discuss the estimated number of people currently deserted on an island. We’re weird.


Because Wesley hates waste (I do too, mostly) he is dehydrating the coconut meat pulp to make flour. This would normally be fine with almonds or other nuts, but my experience with coconut flour is not a sweet one. But the milk is delish, and I’ll add it to my coffee as well. Let me know your experiences or tips with coconuts!


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