Homemade Stevia Liquid Extract

We grew a stevia bush from just a small seedling we got at Lowe’s. We totally let it overgrow. But that definitely didn’t take away the sweetness of the leaves. I love sweet things. But I can barely chew one leaf.


Wesley started out just chopping three cups of leaves by hand.


Then it dawned on him to just grind it with a cup of water. You let this soak overnight at room temp.


Then he squeezed it through the nut milk bag, and simmered it with two more cups of water.


It changed from a deep green to a warm amber after cooking. This will store in the fridge for a couple of weeks.


I put a drop on my tongue. That is the sweetest liquid I have ever tasted. I’ll use this by the drop to sweeten drinks & to sweeten desserts. I’ll have to tinker with the ratios. This is our first homemade sugar!


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