Thanksgiving – Part I

I split our family Thanksgiving up into two separate nights. That way the stress wasn’t over the top, and it was all enjoyable to create.

The only thing not made from scratch was the Field Roast. {It’s a meatless & eggless roast, each slice containing a whopping 31 grams of protein!}


It can be eaten cold. But we basted it in some oil & herbs & broth, and baked it a bit. It was quite chewy & so delicious. Wesley said that it tasted just like meat. I agree. Look here for the ingredients… packed full of healthy nutrients!

Of course we had classic mashed potatoes. Recipe here. We used almond milk & Earth Balance.


And we made this AMAZING sage gravy to complement the roast & potatoes. Recipe here.


We also had green bean casserole, without the unhealthy ingredients. Except the french fried onions ;} Recipe here.


And as if we weren’t completely stuffed enough already, we had pecan pie. Not healthy… but oh my. SO GOOD. Recipe here.


We hope you are all having a blessed & joyful Thanksgiving week!


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