Quick Black Bean Burger

Looking for a quick, tasty, and healthy meal? I’m here for ya. Black bean burgers are a staple meal here.

I soak & cook dry beans, but a can of black beans would work fine. Just drain and rinse them.


Just mash these with a fork, leaving some texture. Add a couple of tablespoons of natural ketchup, a couple of tablespoons of mustard {I used Dijon}, a teaspoon each of garlic powder, onion powder, & a favorite spice mix {I used Garlic Herb}, and 1/3 cup of oats. Mash all these together. Roll into about 7 balls, and pat them out to form a burger.


Bake these at 400 degrees. Keep them in there for 7 minutes, flip them, then bake for another 7 minutes. Add your favorite toppings. We added Daiya cheese… a scrumptious plant-based, dairy-free cheese.


Quick, tasty, healthy. Enjoy!

Recipe adapted from Happy Herbivore.


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