This afternoon I was blessed with some time alone with my Sparrow.


Lately she has become so much more vibrant {than she already was}. She tells stories all day long. She loves to have Wesley and I make up silly sweet songs at night about the people she loves. Her afternoon nap has dwindled to only an hour or less, and her night time sleeping has turned into something else entirely. She has been silently waltzing into our bedroom at 4 a.m. I wake to find her quietly sitting in the rocking chair next to me grinning. Wesley has also left the bedroom at 5:45 a.m. to find her standing in the crack of our door, smiling. Silly, silly girl. But also very patient and fairy-like in her sneaking around the house.


She whispers {for hours, if needed} until her sister wakes.


She memorizes nearly every story she hears. And can recite it all back to you in full dramatics.


I love my darling birdie.


{I’ve vowed to be intentional with all of the photos I take, camera or phone.. and to make more appearances so the kids know I was actually in their life and not just stuck behind the camera.}

Woodland will be 1 month old tomorrow. It’s as if he’s always been here. He is so sweet, but definitely strong-willed like his sisters.


This is Blossom’s last night in her crib. She is so, so very smart. She tells stories with little dolls just like Sparrow, just add in a little more jibberish. She is very strong-willed, yet very sensitive. I love that about her. Reminds me so much of myself. She can also head-butt like a ram… I cannot claim such talents.


Each of us growing. Wesley and I have never been closer. More stress with 3 kids under age 3? Absolutely. But it’s a joyous stress, and one we are thankful to have. We are being sanctified more each moment, and we become more like Jesus each day. So thankful. And so very blessed.

“Come, fill the Cup, and in the fire of Spring

Your winter-garment of Repentance fling:

The Bird of Time has but a little way

To flutter – and the Bird is on the Wing.” – E. Fitzgerald


4 thoughts on “Growing

  1. AWWWW I love everything single thing about this post!! So thankful to have you as my sis in law! I learn so much from you! I love you!! And Blossom’s head butting…hilarious! lol

  2. I love love this post too! How special to be blessed to enjoy each moment with them and I’m so thankful for you and Wesley and those three precious gifts we call grandbabies!

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