Blossom is really blossoming. In every way. Her beauty, her character, her smarts. I dare say she is much smarter than she puts off. Which is kinda astounding, because she already appears brilliant. ABCs? No problem. Sing a song once, she’ll remember it a week later. This doll loves music. All kids do, I suppose. But there’s something special about her love for melodies & dancing.


Brother is one month today. And Blossom & Sparrow have become quite the big sisters they need to be, and more.


Sparrow loves playing with sister.



Blossom also loves being independent and playing by herself. She is so motherly at such a young age it melts my heart. God’s design is marvelous!


She still seems so chubby, but we are treasuring it up now. We know those squishy-silky legs & cheeks will fade soon.


She favors my sister so much. It makes my heart skip a beat when I look into her eyes. Sheer beauty.


Did I mention that she is absolutely silly? Her personality is definitely one to make others giggle. I love her so very much. Nothing comes close to a mother’s love for her child.



I will explode with love. Just you wait & see.



3 thoughts on “Flower

  1. She is so precious as her sister and brother are. I love love hearing her sweet voice singing! She’s been musical since day 1. I pray Hannah can teach her one day.

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