Fight for it.

This week has been a bit of a challenge for us.

Blossom has really made us question some of our parenting methods. She is showing herself to be more different from Sparrow than we thought. Naive of us, really, to think that they will stay so much alike. Sparrow is extremely sensitive about discipline. Typically, Blossom is sensitive to it. It appeared this past week that Blossom wasn’t sensitive, to anything. Ever. Nothing we did phased her, in regards to discipline for poor behavior. It made me literally go to my knees in tears begging for help. I felt lost and out of control. She wouldn’t respond to our discipline the way we discipline Sparrow. We were clueless. We prayed. We sought advice. And I read some blogs about discipline. Ultimately.. we need to fight for it. I had been taking the easy way out in disciplining the girls. Easy, quick threats to make them listen. Sure, it worked some times. But God showed me a much deeper way. It takes more time to sit with them and really get to the heart of the problem, then take the next steps. It takes more energy and more patience to do this. We have to fight for it. I think of how our Heavenly Father so graciously and mercifully disciplines us. How precious He is!

Then… I discover that Blossom has 2 new molars and a new front tooth. No wonder she was so defiant and cranky. Bless her. But God definitely took that time to sanctify us. I know I say that all the time… but if parenting is one thing besides joyous, it is sanctifying. To God be the glory!

Fight for it.

She is such a creative doll. She picked out this outfit by herself. Thank you, Father, for our children! Also, if you can say a special prayer for a dear friend. She is going through a very tough challenge, and I cannot imagine what she’s going through. But God is so very faithful.


3 thoughts on “Fight for it.

  1. You should read Shepherding A Childs Heart by Teddy Tripp. Great book about getting to the heart of the issue. But like any book on parenting take what you can use and leave the rest.

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