As a soft rain falls a flock of birds bravely take their share of our doggies’ food. The dogs lazily watch them take away one triangle at a time. Two of the darlings are snoozing, while the other is being rocked with one of my feet in his cradle, and he’s proving to be a finger soother. Fine by me. I’m reflecting back on the blessings of this past month. My favorite month of all, May. He has given us shelter from storms, delicious food on our plates, humble hearts, time alone as a couple, plenty of laughter & discipline with the children, more patience, & graces abounding. I was challenged through a reading… “What is the deepest root of your joy? What God gives to you? Or what God is to you?” Although I pray every day to die to flesh, and for Him to be our true joy… I am human. And it is so easy to make the joys in our life our gods. Far be it from me Lord, and forgive me. But I am soaking in these joys, and looking to Him. The Joy.

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